MLT Multimedia Framework

Author, manage, and run multitrack audio/video compositions.
The engine of a non-linear video editor that can be used in all sorts of apps, not just desktop video editors.
MLT is an open source multimedia framework, designed and developed for television broadcasting. It provides a toolkit for broadcasters, video editors, media players, transcoders, web streamers and many more types of applications. The functionality of the system is provided via an assortment of ready to use tools, XML authoring components, and an extensible plug-in based API.
Download source code. The easiest way to try out and learn MLT is by downloading Shotcut.

Recent News

v7.6.0 released

Mar 29, 2022

You can download it from GitHub.

This version adds image slice-threading to many filters and full support for full range color. All inputs are normalized to and processed at the range specified by the consumer property color_range that defaults to tv/mpeg (limited).


  • Added Mlt::Animation::next_key() and previous_key() with error checking.
  • Fixed the moduledir and mltdatadir variables in the pkg-config file.
  • Removed calling setlocale() in mlt_factory_init() (moved to melt option -setlocale).
  • Added mlt_properties_copy() and Mlt::Properties::copy().
  • Changed some primarily internal property names to consolidate on “consumer.” as a prefix convention for all consumer properties copied to mlt_frames.
  • Added consumer property deinterlacer to replace deprecated deinterlace_method.
  • Fixed full range color from producer to consumer.
  • Added mlt_slices_size_slice() helper function.
  • Fixed choppy playback due to large values in frame_rate_num or frame_rate_den in mlt_consumer.
  • Added performance optimization for a single slice in mlt_slices.


  • Added audiolevelgraph video filter to the qt module.
  • Added property segment_gap to the audiospectrum video filter.
  • Added segments property to the audiolevelgraph and audiospectrum filters.
  • Fixed loading image sequence with extended UTF-8 characters in the name of a folder for the qimage producer.
  • Fixed a crash in avformat producer if the rotate property is set after the first frame is fetched.
  • Added the invert_mask property to the shape video filter.
  • Changed avformat producer to normalize frame rates very close to non-integer broadcast frames 24/1.001, 30/1.001, and 60/1.001.
  • Converted the chroma and chroma_hold filters’ key property to a proper color type.
  • Added slice threading to:
    • avformat producer (with FFmpeg v5)
    • swsscale (with FFmpeg v5)
    • lift_gamma_gain
    • shape
    • charcoal
    • vignette
    • wave
    • threshold
    • tcolor
    • sepia
    • mirror
    • invert
    • grain
    • lines
    • spot_remover
  • Improved the speed of the oldfilm filter.
  • Added a faster box_blur filter to the core module and deprecated the boxblur filter in the kdenlive module.
  • Fixed preview scaling for the avfilter.gblur filter.
  • Fixed incorrect text overlap in kdenlivetitle producer.
  • Improved audio synchronization in avformat when playing in reverse.
  • Added much more service metadata (documentation).
  • Fixed full range 10-bit video input in avformat producer.
  • Fixed full range color handling in:
    • avformat producer
    • avcolor_space
    • brightness
    • resize
    • luma transition
    • movit.convert
    • charcoal
    • invert
    • shape
  • Fixed identifying unsupported colorspaces in avformat producer.
  • Fixed preserving the alpha channel in the avfilter.fspp filter.


  • Some CMake fixes.
  • Added dumb-init to the docker (no need to remember docker run --init).

v7.4.0 released

Dec 19, 2021

You can download it from GitHub.

This main highlight of this version is property animation for avfilter!


  • Added more constructors and assignment operators in C++ wrapper:
    • Mlt::Filter::Filter(Mlt::Filter*)
    • Mlt::Link::Link(Mlt::Link*)
    • Mlt::Link::Link(Mlt::Service&)
    • Mlt::Link::Link(Mlt::Link&)
    • Mlt::Link::Link(Mlt::Link const&)
    • Mlt::Link::operator=(Mlt::Link const&)
    • Mlt::Service::Service(Mlt::Service*)
  • Fixed serialized animation in mlt_animation_serialize_cut_tf() and mlt_animation_serialize_cut() to include a trailing keyframe value.


  • Added property animation for avfilter filters.
    This only works for numeric parameters, but many libavfilter options that have a type string are actually numeric in nature but accept a string expression.
  • Added rotate property to avformat producer to override orientation.
  • Changed jackrack module to silence false LADSPA plugin loading errors.
  • Fixed a crash in the oldfilm filter when using preview scaling.
  • Fixed timeremap link distorts audio when speed is zero.
  • Added nautical mile and knot units of measure to the gpstext filter.
  • Fixed full range color handling with embedded tractor (e.g. same track transition).
  • Fixed device capture in avformat producer regression in version 7.2.0.
  • Fixed a crash in the matte transition.

v7.2.0 released

Nov 1, 2021

You can download it from GitHub.

This is the first major maintenance release for the new major version 7 rendering it much more production ready. Plus there are a few nice new features.


  • Added support for mlt_properties as a child of mlt_properties including XML (de)serialization:
    • mlt_property_set_properties()
    • mlt_property_get_properties()
    • mlt_properties_set_properties()
    • mlt_properties_get_properties()
    • mlt_properties_get_properties_at)(
    • Mlt::Properties::set()
    • Mlt::Properties::get_props()
    • Mlt::Properties::get_props_at() Applications can use this to store structured data in its own namespace, for example “shotcut:markers”. And modules could use this for hierarchical parameters.
  • Fixed crash in mlt_transition upon inserting or removing a track.
  • Stopped loading mlt_profile until needed in mlt_chain creation.


  • Added filter gpstext that is similar to dynamictext based on data in a GPX file.
  • Added speed parameter to timer filter.
  • Added WebP presets for avformat consumer.
  • Added a pixelate option to the opencv_tracker filter’s blur property.
  • Fixed center_bias of crop filter not working with use_profile.
  • Fixed some missing RGB mlt_image_format renames after change in v7.0.0. This primarily affected presets and service metadata.
  • Fixed a crash when changing preview scaling in timeremap link.
  • Fixes problems due to adding redundant normalize filters upon loading a producer from XML.
  • Ensure filters added by the loader producer always come first in list.
  • Fixed a crash using shape and affine filters together on color producer.
  • Fixed a crash when a vidstab file fails to open.
  • Changed vidstab filter to save its file in ASCII text mode.
  • Fixed a clang LTO error in the decklink module.
  • Fixed a video decoding regression on some videos in the avformat producer.
  • Fixed a crash in the audiowaveform filter.
  • Fixed loading a relative filename from XML for mask_start with shape.
  • Fixed “#filedate#” in dynamictext filter when used with timeremap link.
  • Fixed timer filter’s new speed property interaction with start delay.
  • Fixed a crash with YUYV422 (YUY2) input in avformat producer.
  • Fixed data race condition in timeremap link.
  • Fixed compiling avformat module with FFmpeg git beyond v4.4 with many deprecations removed.
  • Fixed alpha channel size calculation in brightness filter.
  • Restore legacy tracker and the new DaSiam tracker for OpenCV >= 4.5.3 in the opencv_tracker filter.
  • Fixed a crash in opencv_tracker on shape_width = 0.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of in and out points and duration in the opencv_tracker filter.
  • Fixed the composite transition leaking left border of an image on the right side on uneven width.
  • Fixed a problem handling some UTF-8 in thhe typerwriter filter.


  • Added support for the RELOCATABLE CMake option for Linux or BSD build.

v7.0.1 released

May 15, 2021

You can download it from GitHub.

This version is just build fixes for the most immediate problems with the somewhat new but exclusive build system in v7.

  • Fixed docker image not working.
  • Fixed a system-installed build cannot finds its modules and data.
  • Fixed the python installation path for binaries.
  • Added support for the DESTDIR environment variable when creating melt symlink.
  • Increased the build constant for the maximum size of a line of a properties file.
  • Fixed the vid.stab metadata install path.

v7.0.0 released

May 2, 2021

You can download it from GitHub.

This is a major new version that breaks API to add a major new feature to the framework: retiming. This is accomplished through new classes mlt_chain and mlt_link. And since we are breaking API we decided to clean house by removing deprecations and switching the build system over entirely to CMake. For more information see our migration guide. More documentation about the new chain and link classes is still pending.


  • Added mlt_chain and Mlt::Chain classes.
  • Added mlt_link and Mlt::Link classes.
  • Added a link value to service type in the service metadata schema.
  • Added a boolean animation parameter attribute to the service metadata schema.
  • Added mlt_animation_shift_frame() and Mlt::Animation::shift_frames().
  • Added mlt_animation_get_string().
  • Fixed using a stale cached property animation string.
  • Added mlt_image and Mlt::Image classes.
  • Remove legacy “height + 1” workaround in image allocation.
  • Fixed a crash on setting timewarp speed higher than 23x.
  • Added mlt_audio_silence().
  • Removed mlt_image_opengl.
  • Replaced variadic arguments in mlt_events with new mlt_event_data APIs.
  • Removed mlt_geometry APIs.
  • Renamed mlt_image_rgb24a as mlt_image_rgba.
  • Renamed mlt_image_rgb24 to mlt_image_rgb.
  • Renamed mlt_image_glsl to mlt_image_movit.
  • Renamed mlt_image_glsl_texture to mlt_image_opengl_texture.
  • Removed virtual function mlt_frame::get_alpha_mask().
  • Removed mlt_frame_get_alpha_mask().
  • Removed deprecated functions:
    • mlt_sample_calculator
    • mlt_sample_calculator_to_now
    • mlt_channel_layout_name
    • mlt_channel_layout_id
    • mlt_channel_layout_channels
    • mlt_channel_layout_default
    • mlt_slices_init
    • mlt_slices_close
    • mlt_slices_run
    • mlt_playlist_move_region
    • Mlt::Playlist::move_region
  • Fixed a rounding error calculating display aspect ratio in mlt_profile_from_producer().


  • Added a timeremap link to the core module with animatable map property. (Speed can increase or decrease between keyframes including reverse.)
  • Added chain and link XML elements to xml module.
  • Added “” property to avformat producer.
  • Removed deprecated modules:
    • dv
    • gtk2 (not gdk)
    • kino
    • linsys
    • lumas
    • motion_est
    • swfdec
    • videostab
  • Removed the following services:
    • data_feed filter
    • data_show filter
    • region filter and transition
    • sdl_image
  • Converted filters to use new mlt_image class:
    • brightness
    • imageconver
    • mirror
    • spot_remover
  • Deprecated the audiowave filter.
  • Added the ability to build the jackrack module without JACK to get only LADSPA producers and filters.
  • Deprecated start and end properties for the following filters:
    • brightness
    • panner
    • boxblur
    • wave
    • volume
  • Removed deprecated font property from pango producer.
  • Improved album art (attached pic) detection in avformat producer.
  • Improved the resample filter to have less artifacts and use less memory.


  • CMake: nearly complete rewrite.
  • Removed the old configure bash scripts and Makefiles.
  • Added -chain and -link options to melt command line.


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