v7.18.0 released

Jul 28, 2023

You can download it from GitHub.


  • Added mlt_audio_free_data().
  • Added meta.playlist.clip_position and meta.playlist.clip_length properties to mlt_playlist.
  • Fixed mlt_frame_get_audio fails on mlt_audio_none.


  • Added two audio filters to core module to be used on a playlist/track:
    • audioseam
    • autofade
  • Fixed a crash in vidstab filter on image format change.
  • Fixed font weight in qtext filter on Qt 6.
  • Fixed yuv420p not working in rescale filter.
  • Fixed text shadow outline in kdenlivetitle producer.
  • Fixed crash when changing the profile with count producer.
  • Fixed constructor corruption in frei0r module.
  • Fixed deinterlace link was added to invalid producer in xml producer.
  • Fixed producers not indicating progressive scan video:
    • kdenlivetitle
    • pango
    • qimage
    • qtext
  • Fixed video scan mode detection in avformat producers that only indicate on their container format and not on frames such as Ut Video in Matroska.
  • Fixed very large images in qimage producer on Qt 6.
  • Fixed seeking on clips that use speed_map in timeremap link.
  • Fixed a color level problem with sRGB inputs in the movit module.
  • Fixed avformat producer’s deallocation function for AVCodecContext.
  • Fixed field order of qtblend and frei0r.cairoblend transitions.
  • Changed the avformat producer seek_threshold default to 64.
  • Updated ebur128 filter to version 1.2.6.



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