v7.16.0 released

May 7, 2023

You can download it from GitHub.


  • Added a chain_normalizers.ini to the data directory.
  • Added New C functions to support deinterlacer links:
    • mlt_deinterlacer_name()
    • mlt_deinterlacer_id()
    • mlt_link_filter_init()
    • mlt_link_filter_metadata()
    • mlt_cache_put_frame_audio()
    • mlt_cache_put_frame_image()
    • mlt_frame_clone_audio()
    • mlt_frame_clone_image()
  • Added support for loading a filter as a link via mlt_link_filter_init().
  • Added enum mlt_deinterlacer with:
    • mlt_deinterlacer_none
    • mlt_deinterlacer_onefield
    • mlt_deinterlacer_linearblend
    • mlt_deinterlacer_weave
    • mlt_deinterlacer_bob
    • mlt_deinterlacer_greedy
    • mlt_deinterlacer_yadif_nospatial
    • mlt_deinterlacer_yadif
    • mlt_deinterlacer_bwdif
    • mlt_deinterlacer_estdif
    • mlt_deinterlacer_invalid
  • Added new 10-bit YUV members to enum mlt_image_format:
    • mlt_image_yuv420p10
    • mlt_image_yuv444p10
  • Fixed a deadlock and improved quality of start of playback when mlt_consumer property prefill is greater than 1.
  • Fixed a couple of data races in mlt_events and mlt_consumer.
  • Fixed a crash in mlt_frame_clone() with movit and the mask_start filter.


  • Fixed regressions in version 7.14.0:
    • memory and thread count usage in swresample and resample links
    • automatic profile support in melt
    • crash in count producer
  • Upgraded the glaxnimate git submodule to version 0.5.3.
  • Added avformat/avdeinterlace (default) and xine/deinterlace links.
  • Fixed deinterlacing in the multi and qglsl consumers.
  • Added 10-bit video support to movit.convert filter.
  • Several things in the avformat producer:
    • Fixed artifacts decoding raw FLAC audio.
    • Fixed a potential crash on mlt_producer_probe().
    • Fixed seeking on music with album art.
    • Fixed possible infinite loop on end-of-file.
    • Fixed a potential deadlock.
    • Fixed chroma bleeding on interlaced yuv420p.
    • Fixed color_range or force_full_range sometimes not working.
    • Fixed autorotate property not working with a chain.
    • Added audio caching.
    • Deprecated the mute_on_pause property.
  • Fixed FFmpeg version 6 compilation error.
  • Fixed rendering the text outline in kdenlivetitle producer.
  • Fixed 'movit.rect property animation.
  • Fixed corrupt video in crop filter when mlt_image_yuv420p requested.
  • Fixed possible null pointer crashes in some audio filters:
    • audiolevel
    • volume
    • loudness
  • Fixed a possible roi assert crash in opencv.tracker filter.
  • Added support for “Nano” algo to the opencv.tracker filter.
  • Added the property fix_background_alpha to the luma transition.


  • Added -query links to melt command line.
  • Added avformat consumer presets for 10-bit video:
    • AV1
    • DNxHR-HQ
    • FFV1
    • ProRes 422
    • ProRes 444
    • ProRes HQ
    • x264-high10
    • x265-main10
  • Added a clang-format target to CMake and reformatted all code.
  • Added warnings as errors with some exceptions to CMake with Debug build type and gcc.
  • Fixed numerous warnings throughout the code.



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