Applications and Services Using MLT

While MLT is a comprehensive package in its own right, it exposes functionality that allows the development of additional service modules, customised user interfaces and other tools.

Name Type Description License
Flowblade Application Non-linear movie editor for GTK+ written in Python GPLv3
Kdenlive Application Non-linear cross-platform video editor GPLv3
Shotcut Application A free, open source, cross-platform video editor. GPLv3
Synfig Studio Application A free, open source, cross-platform 2D animation program. GPLv2
Movie Editor Application Video editor for Android Proprietary
OpenShot 1.x Application Non-linear video editor for GTK+ written in Python GPLv3
Fireswamp Application A simple GTK+ media player, developed using the MLT framework and plugins. Also features: command line loading of multiple clips, drag n drop media for immediate playback, keyboard and GUI controls GPLv2
Rugen Application A simple GTK+ scheduling tool for the control of the melted server, written using the libmvcp client API. Also features: provides control for multiple units, playlist editing, clip trim controls, in built shell to provide full access to MVCP. GPLv2
Vizinni Application A player in Ruby that lets you choose apply filters. It also demonstrates a mechanism for defining effect regions interactively. Public Domain
BuildOnMe Application A simple, example, cross-platform player in C++ using Qt 4 and OpenGL for video display. MIT
Melted Server Formerly known as Miracle, Melted is a video playout server for television broadcasting. It is based on the MVCP TCP protocol. GPLv2
MultimediaConversion Server MultimediaConversion is a PHP application that allows its users to get their audio and video files manipulated by remote server. GPLv3
C4IP Orion SD Appliance SDI-based broadcast playout server Proprietary
Karthavya QuickEdge Appliance SDI-based Broadcast Playout Server and Playout Automation Proprietary
B.C.E. Broadcaster Broadcasting Center Europe, an RTL Group company, Luxembourg, uses MLT with DVEO/Linsys SDI for internally-developed broadcast video ([playout servers]. N/A
dorf Broadcaster A community television station in Linz, Austria uses MLT with DVEO/Linsys SDI for a television playout system. N/A
El Trece Broadcaster Based in Asuncion, Paraguay, El Trece is also a national channel and uses MLT for some custom playout solution.  
MasTV Broadcaster A television station in Encarnacion, Paraguay uses 2 Melted SDI servers for on air playout and at least 8 workstations with Shotcut for capture, transcode, and ad hoc SDI playout. N/A
MiND Broadcaster A community television station in Philadelphia uses MLT with BlueFish444 and Linsys SDI for a playout server. N/A
ETV Broadcaster Ushodaya Enterprises, parent company of ETV in India, is the original sponsor of MLT development. N/A
M1 Broadcaster Ukrainian Music Television Channel “M1” uses melted with Blackmagic Design DeckLink SDI in their live production studio. N/A
SLAM!TV Broadcaster SLAM!TV is a music television channel from Netherlands-based SLAM!FM that used to use the ([C4IP Orion SD] appliance before its acquisition by RTL Nederland in 2011. N/A
Inviter Service Inviter is a web site that lets you send greeting cards and invitations with video, images, and music. N/A Service is a web site that lets you collaboratively create and videos for family and friends. N/A
Opus Video Productions Service Oklahoma City based company that provides corporate video services N/A
Next Day Video Service Next Day Video provides video services for technical conferences (e.g. PyCon) N/A Portal is a place for adaptors and developers of open source tools and programs for television or IPTV broadcast. N/A
Open Source Broadcast Portal Directory of Open Source Broadcasting Projects N/A
WebVfx Plugin WebVfx is a video effects library that allows effects to be implemented using WebKit HTML or Qt QML. H.P. BSD-like



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