v7.20.0 released

Oct 1, 2023

You can download it from GitHub.


  • Fixed “blank” in a playlist does not have audio normalization filters.
  • Fixed serializing mlt_color transparent black as “#00000000” when the property was set using an integer or mlt_color.
  • Fixed mlt_chain_set_source() would always fetch a frame from the producer even if it has “meta.media.frame_rate_num” and “meta.media.frame_rate_den” properties making things slow.
  • Fixed Mlt::Chain leaking memory.


  • Added a blank producer to the core module.
  • Added keywords to gpstext filter:
    • #gps_cadence#
    • #gps_grade_degrees#
    • #gps_grade_percentage#
    • #gps_temperature#
  • Added some color_styles to the gpsgraphic filter:
    • 10 = color by speed (max 100 km/h)
    • 11 = color by grade (max 90 degrees)
    • 12 = color by grade (max 20 degrees)
  • Added more unit formats to legend_unit property of gpsgraphic filter:
    • mmin or m/min
    • ftmin or ft/min
  • Added keywords to dynamictext filter:
    • #basename#
    • #filename#
  • Fixed installing filter_audioseam.yml.
  • Added an avlink link to the avformat module for FFmpeg filters that can benefit from future frames such as adeclick.
  • Added the preserve_alpha property to the box_blur filter.
  • Fixed loading service metadata for the qt6 and glaxnimate-qt6 modules.
  • Fixed a crash when changing the rotate property in avformat producer with interlace video.
  • Add astream and vstream properties to avformat producer. Unlike audio_index and video_index are absolute indices across the entire array of streams regardless their type, these new 0-based properties are relative to the type audio or video. For example, astream=1 is the second audio stream.
  • Fixed a possible crash in the avformat producer’s mlt_producer_probe virtual function.
  • Updated the glaxnimate module to version 0.5.4.
  • Fixed the sdl2 consumer crashing with the Linux radeonsi_dri driver and showing only all black with the Linux nvidia driver.


  • Fix compiling on Android (not supported by the core developers).
  • Changed the avformat consumer FLAC preset to use the flac format.
  • Fixed the melt Shift+H and Shift+L keyboard shortcuts when the SDL2 window has focus.



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