v7.24.0 released

Apr 27, 2024

You can download it from GitHub.

The highlight of this release is support for FFmpeg 7 and Ambsonic audio.


  • Fixed a small memory leak in mlt_repository.
  • Fixed a small memory leak in MltPushConsumer C++ class.
  • Block connecting a null producer to a service.
  • Include locale.h on any GNU libc platform.


  • Added a new spatialaudio module with filters:
    • ambisonic-decoder
    • ambisonic-encoder
  • Fixed building with FFmpeg 7.
  • Fixed text keywords do not work with non-ASCII filenames on Windows:
    • pixbuf producer
    • opencv_tracker filter
    • dynamictext filter
    • qimage producer
  • Added “meta.media.aspect_ratio” property to the avformat producer.
  • Fixed distort property not working in movit.rect filter.
  • Fixed frames dropping or repeating in the multi consumer.
  • Fixed the dynamic_loudness filter maximizing audio gain.
  • Fixed distortion in the mono filter.
  • Also check for WAYLAND_DISPLAY to detect a graphical session in the qt and glaxnimate modules.
  • Fixed the wave filter distorts if wave = 1 with preview scaling.
  • Added the read-only meta.media.%u.codec.layout property to avformat producer.
  • Set the channel_layout property on the frame for the noise and tone audio producers.
  • Fixed outline maximum for the text and dynamictext filters.


  • Fixed crash when using -chain from melt.
  • Fixed a small memory leak on Windows fopen().



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