Transition: region

Plugin Information

title: Regionalize
media types: Video
description: Apply zero or more filters to B frame as it is composited onto a region of the A frame. The "shape" of the region can be defined by the alpha channel of a third producer.
version: 1
creator: Charles Yates
copyright: Meltytech, LLC
license: LGPLv2.1



title: Shape producer
description: The default shape is a rectangle, "circle" is a pixbuf-generated SVG circle, anything else is loaded by the factory.
type: string
readonly: no
required: no


title: Factory
description: The service that creates the shape producer.
type: string
readonly: no
required: no
default: loader


title: Filter
description: One or more filters to apply. All filter properties are passed using the same filter "key".
type: string
readonly: no
required: no


title: Composite

Properties may be set on the encapsulated composite transition.
e.g.: composite.valign=c
See "composite" transition for details.

type: properties
readonly: no
required: no


title: Use region for filtering only
type: integer
readonly: no
required: no
minimum: 0
maximum: 1
default: 0
widget: checkbox



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