v7.8.0 released

Jun 22, 2022

You can download it from GitHub.

This highlight of this version is a new glaxnimate producer to render 2D vector art and animation.


  • Added mlt_frame_get_alpha_size() and refactored code to use it.
  • Fixed a possible null pointer crash in mlt_service_apply_filters().


  • Added a glaxnimate producer to the glaxnimate module.
  • Added new file extensions for glaxnimate producer: json, lottie, rawr, tgs.
  • Removed Qt4 compatibility from the qt module.
  • Added Qt6 compatibility to the qt module.
  • Added new file extensions for qimage producer: avif, heic, heif, jxl.
  • Fixed color_range when using the multi consumer.
  • Fixed reloading updated results in the loudness filter.
  • Fixed image_mode=blend in the timeremap link.
  • Fixed crash regression in swscale filter with odd size YUV image.
  • Fixed the choppy filter may result in black frames with transitions.
  • Prevent a crash in avfilter producer for a bug in glibc with _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3.



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