v7.10.0 released

Nov 1, 2022

You can download it from GitHub.

The highlight of this version is support for Qt 6.


  • Fixed some unguarded null pointers.
  • Added MLT_REPOSITORY_DENY environment variable to skip loading a module (colon delimited list of file names without extension, for example “libmltqt”).
  • Fixed frame corruption with one frame transition.
  • Changed so-called test-card frame with audio to show a checkerboard:
    • Added mlt_image_fill_checkerboard()
    • Added mlt_image_fill_white()
  • Preserve the producer creation_time property when creating a chain.
  • Added mlt_image_rgba_opaque().
  • Fixed getting a property as a timecode or clock value with 24 or 23.98 fps in mlt_property.c.


  • Added support for Qt 6:
    • Added MOD_QT6 and BUILD_TESTS_WITH_QT6 CMake options.
    • Allow installing building and installing both Qt 5 & 6 modules.
    • Avoid loading both Qt 5 & 6 modules by preferring Qt 5 (use MLT_REPOSITORY_DENY=libmltqt to block Qt 5 and use Qt 6).
    • This is limited to the qt module for now and not glaxnimate (still a work-in-progress).
  • Added support for WebP animation to qimage producer.
  • Added gps_graphic filter to the qt module.
  • Added the format property in each producer’s get_frame method to indicate the producer’s default/preferred mlt_image_format to facilitate an optimization in the qtblend transition when the B frame is opaque and has the same aspect ratio.
  • Added property animation to all audio visualization filters in the qt module.
  • Improved TGA format detection in qimage filter.
  • Fixed qtblend transition has incorrect scaling with consumer scaling.
  • Fixed an case of incorrect alpha scaling in qtblend transition.
  • Fixed luma transition not updated when resource property changes.
  • Added the alpha_operation property to the shape filter.
  • Updated the glaxnimate git submodule to version 0.5.1.
  • Fixed lines filter in oldfilm regression in v7.6.0.
  • Added dbpeak property to the audiolevel filter in dB.
  • Fixed memory leak using some frei0r plugins in conjunction with an affine that animates the rect property.


  • Fixed building for musl.
  • Fixed underlinking iconv in gdk module on MinGW.
  • Fixed SWIG CMake options can overwrite each other.
  • Fixed SWIG 4 no longer generates a mlt.php.



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