Transition: luma

Plugin Information

title: Wipe
media types: Video
description: A generic dissolve and wipe transition processor. "luma" gets its name from how it uses a grayscale "map" file. As the luma value varies over time, a threshold filter is applied to the map to determine what parts of frame A vs. frame B to show. It reads PGM files up to 16 bits! Alternatively, it can use the first frame from any producer that outputs yuv, but it will be limited to the luma gamut of 220 values. This performs field-based rendering unless the A frame property "progressive" or "consumer_progressive" or the transition property "progressive" is set to 1.

version: 1
creator: Dan Dennedy
copyright: Meltytech, LLC
license: LGPLv2.1


  • Assumes lower field first output.



title: Luma map file
description: Either PGM or any other producable video. If not supplied, performs a dissolve.
type: string
readonly: no
required: no


title: Factory
description: The name of a factory service used as a non-PGM producer loader.
type: string
readonly: no
required: no
default: loader


title: Softness
description: Only when using a luma map, how soft to make the edges between A and B. 0.0 = no softness. 1.0 = too soft.
type: float
readonly: no
required: no


title: Reverse
description: Reverse the direction of the transition.
type: integer
readonly: no
required: no
default: 0


title: Producer
description: Properties may be set on the encapsulated producer. Any property starting with "producer." is passed to the non-PGM luma producer.
readonly: no
required: no


title: Use over-blending on the alpha channel
type: boolean
readonly: no
required: no
default: 0



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