v7.6.0 released

Mar 29, 2022

You can download it from GitHub.

This version adds image slice-threading to many filters and full support for full range color. All inputs are normalized to and processed at the range specified by the consumer property color_range that defaults to tv/mpeg (limited).


  • Added Mlt::Animation::next_key() and previous_key() with error checking.
  • Fixed the moduledir and mltdatadir variables in the pkg-config file.
  • Removed calling setlocale() in mlt_factory_init() (moved to melt option -setlocale).
  • Added mlt_properties_copy() and Mlt::Properties::copy().
  • Changed some primarily internal property names to consolidate on “consumer.” as a prefix convention for all consumer properties copied to mlt_frames.
  • Added consumer property deinterlacer to replace deprecated deinterlace_method.
  • Fixed full range color from producer to consumer.
  • Added mlt_slices_size_slice() helper function.
  • Fixed choppy playback due to large values in frame_rate_num or frame_rate_den in mlt_consumer.
  • Added performance optimization for a single slice in mlt_slices.


  • Added audiolevelgraph video filter to the qt module.
  • Added property segment_gap to the audiospectrum video filter.
  • Added segments property to the audiolevelgraph and audiospectrum filters.
  • Fixed loading image sequence with extended UTF-8 characters in the name of a folder for the qimage producer.
  • Fixed a crash in avformat producer if the rotate property is set after the first frame is fetched.
  • Added the invert_mask property to the shape video filter.
  • Changed avformat producer to normalize frame rates very close to non-integer broadcast frames 24/1.001, 30/1.001, and 60/1.001.
  • Converted the chroma and chroma_hold filters’ key property to a proper color type.
  • Added slice threading to:
    • avformat producer (with FFmpeg v5)
    • swsscale (with FFmpeg v5)
    • lift_gamma_gain
    • shape
    • charcoal
    • vignette
    • wave
    • threshold
    • tcolor
    • sepia
    • mirror
    • invert
    • grain
    • lines
    • spot_remover
  • Improved the speed of the oldfilm filter.
  • Added a faster box_blur filter to the core module and deprecated the boxblur filter in the kdenlive module.
  • Fixed preview scaling for the avfilter.gblur filter.
  • Fixed incorrect text overlap in kdenlivetitle producer.
  • Improved audio synchronization in avformat when playing in reverse.
  • Added much more service metadata (documentation).
  • Fixed full range 10-bit video input in avformat producer.
  • Fixed full range color handling in:
    • avformat producer
    • avcolor_space
    • brightness
    • resize
    • luma transition
    • movit.convert
    • charcoal
    • invert
    • shape
  • Fixed identifying unsupported colorspaces in avformat producer.
  • Fixed preserving the alpha channel in the avfilter.fspp filter.


  • Some CMake fixes.
  • Added dumb-init to the docker (no need to remember docker run --init).



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