v7.4.0 released

Dec 19, 2021

You can download it from GitHub.

This main highlight of this version is property animation for avfilter!


  • Added more constructors and assignment operators in C++ wrapper:
    • Mlt::Filter::Filter(Mlt::Filter*)
    • Mlt::Link::Link(Mlt::Link*)
    • Mlt::Link::Link(Mlt::Service&)
    • Mlt::Link::Link(Mlt::Link&)
    • Mlt::Link::Link(Mlt::Link const&)
    • Mlt::Link::operator=(Mlt::Link const&)
    • Mlt::Service::Service(Mlt::Service*)
  • Fixed serialized animation in mlt_animation_serialize_cut_tf() and mlt_animation_serialize_cut() to include a trailing keyframe value.


  • Added property animation for avfilter filters.
    This only works for numeric parameters, but many libavfilter options that have a type string are actually numeric in nature but accept a string expression.
  • Added rotate property to avformat producer to override orientation.
  • Changed jackrack module to silence false LADSPA plugin loading errors.
  • Fixed a crash in the oldfilm filter when using preview scaling.
  • Fixed timeremap link distorts audio when speed is zero.
  • Added nautical mile and knot units of measure to the gpstext filter.
  • Fixed full range color handling with embedded tractor (e.g. same track transition).
  • Fixed device capture in avformat producer regression in version 7.2.0.
  • Fixed a crash in the matte transition.



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