v7.2.0 released

Nov 1, 2021

You can download it from GitHub.

This is the first major maintenance release for the new major version 7 rendering it much more production ready. Plus there are a few nice new features.


  • Added support for mlt_properties as a child of mlt_properties including XML (de)serialization:
    • mlt_property_set_properties()
    • mlt_property_get_properties()
    • mlt_properties_set_properties()
    • mlt_properties_get_properties()
    • mlt_properties_get_properties_at)(
    • Mlt::Properties::set()
    • Mlt::Properties::get_props()
    • Mlt::Properties::get_props_at() Applications can use this to store structured data in its own namespace, for example “shotcut:markers”. And modules could use this for hierarchical parameters.
  • Fixed crash in mlt_transition upon inserting or removing a track.
  • Stopped loading mlt_profile until needed in mlt_chain creation.


  • Added filter gpstext that is similar to dynamictext based on data in a GPX file.
  • Added speed parameter to timer filter.
  • Added WebP presets for avformat consumer.
  • Added a pixelate option to the opencv_tracker filter’s blur property.
  • Fixed center_bias of crop filter not working with use_profile.
  • Fixed some missing RGB mlt_image_format renames after change in v7.0.0. This primarily affected presets and service metadata.
  • Fixed a crash when changing preview scaling in timeremap link.
  • Fixes problems due to adding redundant normalize filters upon loading a producer from XML.
  • Ensure filters added by the loader producer always come first in list.
  • Fixed a crash using shape and affine filters together on color producer.
  • Fixed a crash when a vidstab file fails to open.
  • Changed vidstab filter to save its file in ASCII text mode.
  • Fixed a clang LTO error in the decklink module.
  • Fixed a video decoding regression on some videos in the avformat producer.
  • Fixed a crash in the audiowaveform filter.
  • Fixed loading a relative filename from XML for mask_start with shape.
  • Fixed “#filedate#” in dynamictext filter when used with timeremap link.
  • Fixed timer filter’s new speed property interaction with start delay.
  • Fixed a crash with YUYV422 (YUY2) input in avformat producer.
  • Fixed data race condition in timeremap link.
  • Fixed compiling avformat module with FFmpeg git beyond v4.4 with many deprecations removed.
  • Fixed alpha channel size calculation in brightness filter.
  • Restore legacy tracker and the new DaSiam tracker for OpenCV >= 4.5.3 in the opencv_tracker filter.
  • Fixed a crash in opencv_tracker on shape_width = 0.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of in and out points and duration in the opencv_tracker filter.
  • Fixed the composite transition leaking left border of an image on the right side on uneven width.
  • Fixed a problem handling some UTF-8 in thhe typerwriter filter.


  • Added support for the RELOCATABLE CMake option for Linux or BSD build.



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