v7.14.0 released

Mar 6, 2023

You can download it from GitHub.


  • Added functions to get detailed info about a producer more directly (without having to get a frame and get its image in the case of avformat producer, for example):
    • mlt_producer_probe()
    • Mlt::Producer::probe()
  • Added functions to add normalizer links to chains (based on a chain_loader.ini configuration data file:
    • mlt_chain_attach_normalizers()
    • Mlt::Chain::attach_normalizers()
  • Changed locale_t to mlt_locale_t to avoid redefinition on some systems (e.g. clang/llvm on win32).
  • Fixed the value provided with event “consumer-thread-join” to be mlt_event_data_thread as documented.
  • Fixed mlt_image_format_planes() for mlt_image_yuv420p.


  • Added a swresample link to the avformat module.
  • Added a resample link to the resample module.
  • Fixed compatibility of avformat module with FFmpeg version 6.
  • Fixed rotoscoping filter when request image size different than profile.
  • Fixed timeremap link breaking crop filter.
  • Fixed audio/video sync in avformat producer when the video start time is not 0.
  • Improved seeking on a WMA audio file in avformat producer.
  • Optimization to set AVDISCARD_ALL on disinterested streams in avformat producer.
  • Added separate demuxing thread in avformat producer.
  • Added filtergraph property to the avformat producer.
  • Fixed filter movit.convert’s CPU image converter in mlt_tractor and mlt_frame_clone().
  • Fixed using movit module with mlt_chain.
  • Fixed 10-bit full range YUV color input with Movit.
  • Fixed aspect ratio issues in qtblend filter transform.
  • Fixed the movit.luma transition.
  • Changed the qglsl consumer to use an OpenGL core profile version 3.2 context to make it compatible with recent Movit versions.
  • Upgraded glaxnimate git submodule to version 0.5.2.
  • Fixed xml producer incorrectly adds a path prefix to a consumer producer.
  • Fixed using opencv.tracker filter with mlt_chain.
  • Added interlace-aware chroma conversion from mlt_image_yuv422 to yuv420p in the avformat consumer.
  • Added the speed_map property to the timeremap link.
  • Fixed the loader producer not injecting the consumer producer when a xml producer changes the frame rate.
  • Fixed ‘loader’ producer corrupts the profile colorspace and description when it injects a consumer producer.
  • Added a loader-nogl producer to the core module based on loader but prevents adding movit-based filters.
  • Changed count producer to take an optional string argument with the name of a loader producer.
  • Fixed yadif deinterlace not working in a mlt_chain.
  • Fixed the bob, weave, greedy, onefield deinterlace filter methods on x86-64 architecture.


  • Fixed SWIG python shadow functions for mlt7.
  • Added CMake build option MOD_GLAXNIMATE_QT6.



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