v7.12.0 released

Nov 19, 2022

You can download it from GitHub.

This version is released soon after 7.10.0 to fix a couple of major new bugs in the popular qtblend and frei0r.cairoblend transitions. It also includes new color animation APIs with sensible interpolation!


  • Added new color animation APIs:
    • mlt_property_set_color()
    • mlt_property_get_color()
    • mlt_property_anim_set_color()
    • mlt_property_anim_get_color()
    • mlt_properties_anim_set_color()
    • mlt_properties_anim_get_color()
    • Mlt::Properties::anim_get_color(char const*, int, int)
    • Mlt::Properties::anim_set(char const*, mlt_color, int, int, mlt_keyframe_type)


  • Updated the following services to support animation of color properties:
    • frei0r (any color parameter in any frei0r plugin)
    • chroma
    • chroma_hold
    • audiolevelgraph
    • audiospectrum
    • audiowaveform
    • gpsgraphic
    • gpstext
    • qtcrop
    • qtext
  • Added discontinuity_reset property to dynamic_loudness filter.
  • Fixed qtblend transition not blending with an opaque rgba image.
  • Added support for the “finer” engine in Rubberband version 3.
  • Fixed crash in frei0r.cairoblend when threads property not set.


  • Fixed leaking the xml producer in melt when the XML contains a consumer element but no profile information.
  • Fixed symbol not found error in rtaudio consumer.



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