v6.6.0 released

Jan 22, 2018

You can download it from GitHub.

This version builds upon the previous release with performance improvements using the sliced image processing framework. It also improves compatibility with dependencies (FFmpeg, Qt 5, SDL 2, NDI, OpenCV, libebur128).


  • Added a thread pool to mlt_slices:
    • mlt_slices_run_normal()
    • mlt_slices_run_rr()
    • mlt_slices_run_fifo()
    • mlt_slices_count_normal()
    • mlt_slices_count_rr()
    • mlt_slices_count_fifo()
    • MLT_SLICES_COUNT environment variable
  • Added mlt_log_timings_now() to mlt_log.
  • Added mlt_image_yuv422p16 image format.
  • Added mlt_image_format_planes() and mlt_image_format_id() to mlt_frame.
  • Added mlt_service_disconnect_all_producers() and Mlt::Service::disconnect_all_producers()
  • Fixed accuracy of mlt_time_format conversions.
  • Fixed mlt_filter_get_progress() never reaching 1.0.
  • Fixed divide by zero in mlt_filter_get_progress().


  • Added sdl2 module!
  • Added sum property to mix transition for simple mixing without dynamics.
  • Added TLD and KCF tracking modes to opencv module.
  • Added CSV (comma-separated values) simple slideshow to pixbuf producer.
  • Added jack filter to jackrack module.
  • Added sliced processing to frei0r.
  • Added sliced processing to composite transition.
  • Added sliced processing to avformat producer pixel format conversion.
  • Added sliced processing to affine transition and filter.
  • Converted volume and pan filters to floating point.
  • Added rotate_center property to qtblend transition and filters.
  • Added meta.media.variable_frame_rate (VFR detection) to avformat producer.
  • Added support for external libebur128.
  • Updated internal libebur128 to latest.
  • Added 10-bit capture to decklink producer.
  • Added mlt_image_yuv422p16 to fieldorder filter, avcolour_space filter, and avformat consumer.
  • Added no_profile property to xml consumer.
  • Various ndi module fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed setting color_trc in multi consumer.
  • Fixed kdenlive title transparency.
  • Fixed incorrect alpha channel breaking freeze filter with qtblend transition.
  • Fixed transparency of pixbuf images with qtblend transition.
  • Fixed some crashes in new qtblend transition.
  • Fixed building qt module with C++11 for Qt 5.7+.
  • Fixed reporting accurage length for image sequences in qimage and pixbuf.
  • Fixed extra audio samples added to end of file in avformat consumer.
  • Fixed rawvideo export in avformat consumer.
  • Fixed multi-threading wtih FFmpeg 3.2+ in avformat module.
  • Fixed JPEG album art in avformat producer.
  • Removed filter_avresample (dropped by FFmpeg).
  • Stop flushing audio buffer in decklink consumer.
  • Fixed field order handling in decklink consumer.
  • Make composite transition field order aware.
  • Fixed nesting mlt_tractor with opengl module.
  • Fixed kdenlive titler crash on resized frame.


  • Various memory leak fixes.
  • Fixed opening files with extended chars on Windows (framework and modules).



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