v6.24.0 released

Dec 6, 2020

You can download it from GitHub.

This version fixes bugs associated with the preview scaling introduced in the previous version.

This version is mostly fixes plus a few new filters.


  • Trigger a property-changed event on mlt_properties_pass_list.
  • Fixed using a video transition with a video clip on an audio track.
  • Reduce the amount of service caching to 2X #tracks to reduce memory usage.


  • Added the pillar_echo filter to the plus module.
  • Added a qtcrop filter to the qt module.
  • Added html, resource, overflow-y, and _hide properties to the qtext filter for rich text.
  • Added the filter choppy to the core module.
  • Added slice threading to the brightness filter.
  • Fixed compiling with OpenCV 4.
  • Fixed the colors when using mlt_image_format=rgb24a with avformat consumer.
  • Fixed using WebVfx in a Docker container.
  • Fixed a possible crash in the timewarp producer on sources with non-integer frame rates.
  • Fixed a regression in version 6.22 with multiple affine filters at the same time.
  • Fixed possible abort or deadlock on recursive pthread mutexes in avformat producer.
  • Fixed a crash in crop filter with large center_bias value when use_profile is 1.
  • Fixed a white video frame appearing on threaded rendering in freeze filter.
  • Fixed MLT XML DRD to permit empty playlists, which may occur on empty tracks in a multitrack.
  • Fixed initializing QApplication in the qimage producer.
  • Fixed interpolation when scaling with the affine rect and geomety properties.
  • Fixed high memory usage with high factors of pitch shifting in the rbpitch filter.
  • Fixed a crash on files with more than 32 streams in the avformat producer.


  • Fixed CMake build on MSYS2 and Windows Craft.
  • Added the Python binding to the CMake build.
  • Added the sdl (v1) module to the CMake build.
  • Removed minrate and maxrate from the webm avformat consumer preset.



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