v6.18.0 released

Nov 11, 2019

You can download it from GitHub.

This version is a general maintenance release with a bunch of fixes, improvements, and additions.


  • Fixed some data races in mlt_consumer, mlt_deque, and mlt_property.
  • Fixed the mlt_events listener incorrect owner argument.
  • Added support for the LC_ALL environmant variable on Windows.
  • Fixed the argument to mlt_factory_init() not working on Windows.
  • Fixed mlt_service_identify() not reliable in some use cases.
  • Added some default and copy constructors and assignment operators to mlt++
    • Filter()
    • Filter( const Filter &filter )
    • Filter& operator=( const Filter &filter )
    • Producer( const Producer &producer )
    • Producer& operator=( const Producer &producer )
    • Properties( const Properties &properties )
    • Properties& operator=( const Properties &properties )
    • Service( const Service &service )
    • Service& operator=( const Service &service )
    • Transition()
    • Transition( const Transition &transition )
    • Transition& operator=( const Transition &transition )
  • Added mlt_luma_map:
    • mlt_luma_map_init
    • mlt_luma_map_new
    • mlt_luma_map_render
    • mlt_luma_map_from_pgm
    • mlt_luma_map_from_yuv422
  • Fixed preset overrides depend on the XML attribute order.
  • Fixed serializing an animated property with a new length.


  • Fixed interpolation in rotoscoping filter.
  • Fixed crop filter not working with color producer.
  • Fixed some data races in the sdl and sdl2 consumers.
  • Fixed some data races in the avformat producer.
  • Added a movit.flip filter to the opengl module.
  • Fixed using filters on frei0r producers.
  • Added support for in and out attributes on the consumer xml element.
  • Fixed using an in point with the multi consumer.
  • Fixed avfilter fails if the image size changes.
  • Fixed showing superfluous decimals for seconds in the timer filter.
  • Stop serializing an invalid producer as an “INVALID” text producer in xml.
  • Fixed an access violation crash in wave filter.
  • Added the meta.media.color_range property to the avformat producer.
  • Fixed full range yuv422p not converted correctly in the avformat producer.
  • Fixed the text filter not working with pango.
  • Fixed a regression using dynamictext with pango.
  • Added a position property to avfilter for filters that need position info.
  • Fixed avfilter.subtitles not using the source position.
  • Added an analyze property to vidstab filter. When set, analysis only starts and the results file written if true.
  • Fixed crash combining the affine filter with the shape filter.
  • Added interlace detection from AVCodecContext.field_order.
  • Changed the avformat producer to not use the rescale.interp frame property. Previously, when reacale.interp == “nearest”, it would relax seeking. Now, seek accuracy is reduced during trick play (rewind or fast forward).
  • Fixed swscale flags for auto-inserted scalers in avfilter.
  • Fixed a double free crash in ladspa filter on channel count mismatch.
  • Refactored the composite and luma transitions to use mlt_luma_map.
  • Refactored the pgm producer and shape filter to use mlt_luma_map.
  • Refactored the lumas module to use mlt_luma_map.
  • The lumas module is now disabled by default and must be explicitly enabled.
  • Added property animation to the threshold filter.
  • Added a cairoblend_mode filter to the frei0r module to affect a frei0r.cairoblend transition used to composite/blend tracks.
  • Added support for new vaapi options to the avformat consumer:
    • connection_type: x11 or drm
    • driver
    • kernel_driver
  • Fixed the timewarp producer with a colon in the filename.
  • Fixed a relative file name with a colon in it in the xml producer.
  • Fixed defaulting to album or poster art if there is another video stream.
  • Fixed parameter animation in frei0r plugins when using frame threads. This change also enables frame-threading for more plugins.
  • Improved the qtblend filter to not process alpha if no transparency.
  • Added a background_color property to the qtblend filter.
  • Fixed the opencv.tracker incorrect behavior on cut clips.
  • Changed opencv.tracker to store absolute frame numbers.
  • Fixed incorrect frame offset on render in opencv.tracker.
  • Add an alpha_over property to luma transition. This addresses a behavior regression in version 6.14.0.
  • Fixed noimagecache not working in the avformat producer.


  • Mlt++ now requires C11 compiler support.
  • Fixed closing melt SDL2 window from window manager (i.e. close button).
  • Added -repository option to the melt command.
  • Added unit tests for Mlt::Event.
  • Fixed returning image data for Python 3.
  • Switch to python3 by default.
  • Updated the prores encoding presets to set vendor ID and colr atom.
  • Added a CMake build system. This is not yet prefered over the existing configure script and Makefiles and has less flexibility. It is a start and has limited support.



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